The Upside,I was told it’s a must watch and have to go and see it.It was late evening so cold outside-time for pyjamas with a blanket and comfortably positioned in front of Prime TV. ‘No no you have to go with Dad ‘ comes the insistence and persistence from a teenager. Can’t argue , easier to go ,grrrrr.

Must say Showcase cinemas have become an experience in themselves . I mean recliner chairs and so huge and plush ,did hear they had been refurbished but so so good ,never had imagined Didn’t miss my own couch at all.

The Upside-Its such a great movie. The guy is quadriplegic, he can talk and move his head that’s about it. I admire the story writer and director for how do they get such a story line. Throughout the movie I loved the man always wishing something good will happen for him. How can a man become so likeable.

Well talk about his caretaker,a parolee , he gets hired because the master likes start ups. Oh my word Dell is so funny but still has a serious dad side of him. So passionate about his job.

Nicole Kidman as always plays her professional role but still has the soft woman inside her.

The cars, the house all so glamorous and out of this world . I did get completely lost for the two hours in this new world or should I say actually New York.

Would definitely recommend the movie , its worth the trail friends.Go for it.

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  1. Nice going through the article.But we don’t have such plush seating arrangements in Indian cinema halls 😔Anyways will surely try to watch the movie

  2. It’s such a nice narrative Rishi. Will watch the movie.. Nicole Kidman true has that tinge of woman. Read her as ageless woman.. Here in PVR we have recliners too..

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