If we were having coffee together


If we were having coffee together, which would be more than one month of not meeting up, I need to tell you so much. Hey not seen you since I went to New York. Christmas, New Years have all gone by. This is end of January now.We definitely need to have coffee together more often.

If we were sitting together with coffee-I would show you our New York photos. Nevertheless I must tell you about the Ice Skating in Rockefeller Centre . It was a Hollywood dream come true and would have been even better if I knew how to skate but highlight is I didn’t fall and really did my best.

The High Line was such a unique experience in New York. It was cold that day but sun was shine so it felt superb walking the whole length of it. The big buildings look different from there. It’s such a brilliant idea to make an old train track into walking pathway.

If you ask me -would I go again? I would say tomorrow. The buzz is immense. I loved the sales and refrained a lot from buying. The shop windows on Fifth Avenue were so well decorated. People looked so happy and yes it’s noisy but we didn’t mind.

World Trade Center and it’s observatory is lovely , so is the 9-11 museum.There was so much rush to touch the udder of the Wall Street Bull -Erm surely you can’t make money that way. Ah well people have bizarre beliefs. If we were having coffee together I would show the photo of the bull without any crowd which I managed.

The food is great too especially the Diners.We loved the burgers . Portion sizes are so big there. They call coke – Soda over there. I love changing my accent according to places so I enjoyed speaking American English which I would for you if we were having coffee together.

I could go on and on about our holiday. It really was out of this world.There was so much more we did be it Plaza Hotel , Central Park and so much more.Hope you had a good holiday season too. Rest when we actually meet up for coffee.

8 thoughts on “If we were having coffee together

  1. New York is one of my favourite destinations for vacation!Absolutely loved your description…..could relate with it so much😊

  2. I could actually visualize New York during Christmas. One of the destinations in my bucket list.
    Loved it dear.

  3. We did have a fun SJC do there in 2016. Maybe it’s time to do it again. Rishi, lovely piece!

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