A star in the universe



A star in our universe explodes and dies every second. Truthfully speaking I can’t imagine the vastness of earth but think about the dark space beyond the earth. Milky Way, ok a galaxy but over and beyond is the Universe.

Intriguing to think what’s out there. So many theories floating around and scientists working day and night over it.

So so vast and how little is me. I worry about work, clothes, weight, exercise and so much more.Get stressed and anxious every Thursday because it’s weigh day, absolutely starve myself may be even avoid water few hours before the time,get in few extra steps in case the scales can move. Keep going nevertheless.

Once I think about the huge enormous Space -importance of things become so much more relevant in-fact irrelevant should I say.

2 thoughts on “A star in the universe

  1. Such a great thought Rishi. We are boggled with small issues when we can focus on much greater contribution. Only purpose is to stay fit and be happy. Share love and joy .. Nice reading..

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