Where do I write


Mother, wife, doctor -these are my job descriptions so where do I write. Confession time. In the car, on the dining table, in my consulting room, wherever time and me find each other I start writing.

Yes and on my phone I do my actual writing.

Do I need a laptop with a proper study table and a dedicated room -yes I do but —— nevertheless the thing is I am doing what I enjoy.

I am sure with time everything will get a place -be in the moment, love it all and be normal

Have a request -on my blog page in the menu there is a contact section-please give me ideas on what to write and submit it.

14 thoughts on “Where do I write

  1. Write on the transitions and the change some people have to undergo when they move from Allahabad, Patna , Thrissur . From small town to Europe.

  2. Great Di..
    This is the best way to express yourself. Concurrent writing regarding your feel is always good.

  3. So nicely said. There is always a right time and right place to write. Very nice Rishi. Loved reading..

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