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A full on roller coaster of a day hence the delay in writing. But will not complain as have loved every moment. All productive, extremely busy, creative , forgot few things but then remembered, meeting freinds in between, moans and groans with colleagues – well what I can say – this is why I am buzzing .

So then , had questions around patient care yesterday, found an article today which gave very accurate answers.Yes the biggest and funnest buzz of life is in finding the correct answers and treating patients safely and correctly. Medicine makes you want to learn and read all the time. Its the unmet needs of patient which becomes a doctors need to learn.Its different with each and every person. A lot of the times I have to tell patients lets see what can we do,did you have any ideas. Of course the answer is -you are the doctor. But I love it when patients tell me their expectations.Its so much easier to work around it. Patients do become experts in themselves. We in general practice work around a lot of uncertainty and if we get things right , it helps our confidence, and hence the buzz.

Working with a happy colleagues is a prerogative that we can establish at workplaces. Its entirely upto us to make things better for ourselves . Give seniors and juniors space to share  a laugh and say what they want to say. It could be critical but allow that space, take it positively and move on. Its hard to do a lot of the times but such is life and if we want a buzz in life we should have the courage to face to faults. Somebody told me once at work that I am very assertive,well all my life I had heard I am quiet and should speak up and not cry so much. I still cry very quickly. havent improved on that one. But as far as assertiveness goes, it gives me a buzz to bring on new ideas and implement things around the team. I get excited and want everybody to work on it, ok thats assertiveness but may be for the right reasons. I will change if I have to.

Meeting friends – I will be there and try my hardest not to miss a reunion or party. Sure enough it gives me a buzz to be with my very dear friends. Gossip and a good catch up is the best therapy. Two years ago some girls from my school decided to meet up in India , and I went from UK . I am so glad I went. It absolutely rejuvenated me. I met one friend and we hugged each other, could not come out of the embrace and we laughed so much in that embrace. Hysterical it was. What chemical was released in our brains I dont know but that video of our meeting still gets viral in our groups. Best meeting I have had. Stomach, chest all were hurting of the whole group. Its hard to re-enact that buzz.

In that trip, we went from Delhi to Jaipur by train, early morning train with all these girls who were all husband and child free, I dont know after how many years it was only us girls meeting up . That train journey was unbelievable. You could easily say we were all drunk but trust me there was no alcohol. We were simply drugged to see each other. We were so loud, didnt care if there were any other passengers, we were past that point. Some passengers changed their coach – ah well suit yourselves. The ticket master was also on our side.People were trying to guess our age- and we dodged them in every possible way. I think all the twenty five of us that were on that train- lived it well that day and made such superb memories. That was a life time buzzzzzz.

Buzz , this is the adrenaline , oh yes. The rush of adrenaline is addictive and thats what happened on that trip. This buzz gets me through my busy days, I love it .



14 thoughts on “Buzz Buzz Buzzing

  1. Wow Rishi….Just read all your articles…. Wonderful….Loved all the pieces…. Especially the buzz one….Still remember the train journey …..Brings a wide smile…
    Great going girl…
    Waiting for more

  2. Interesting read Rishi.Enjoyed reading all your write ups especially ” panicked”….hope to catch the next train with you guys 😀

  3. Loved Buzz Rishi… Free flowing… Totally relatable… With Dad & other family members of mine being doctors, I can understand how you feel… And agree with your workplace views… One is lucky to have a positive work environment… Also, I too am assertive… If one is passionate about one’s profession, one will give more than 100 percent… And reading about friends’ reunion, I can only say, nothing more rejuvenating than being around a bunch of happy folks, who love you for what you are…

  4. Wow!!! Thoughts expressed very well! Especially the memories of the crazy train journey brought a smile on my face😀

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