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I am not talking about electric cars.

Mental recharging is what I am interested in. How do you all get yourselves back in shape to keep carry on working?

Relaxing yoga, for half an hour really helps me.

A holiday and a few days away from home has been great as always.

Meeting up friends in small groups and socialising over food is therapeutic.

Finishing a novel gives a huge sense of achievement.

Waking up whenever and no alarm going off, definitely brings freedom from the time bound life. I love it. I still wake up at a sensible time but not having the necessity is great.

I still keep up with my usual exercise routine because not doing it brings on guilt.

Cooking and baking always brings happiness but there is a disadvantage of eating extra calories. I still do a lot of it though.

Which ever way we do, the important thing is to take time off from work and get recharged. Then be happy and keep going.

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