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What are my connections? My life and yours too, needs the network around us to live a healthy life. It is important to make sure we take care of the surround system in our daily beings.

Nature-I would like to connect more with nature but somehow not being able to. A friend goes running early mornings and for me that is simply a great way to start the day. My husband goes walking up in the Yorkshire Moors twice a week, for him that is tonic. Peaceful and calm in the midst of mountains and valleys all by himself, has become nearly essential for his lifestyle.

Friends-I don’t think I can do without my friends. I have to talk to them . Meet up with them. My sense of fulfilment comes after spending time with them. Lunch time walk with friends, squeezed in amongst work schedule does the battery recharging for me when the afternoon slump starts to set in.

Self connection and relishing it, is crucial for me these days. I feel at loss if I don’t spend time with my thoughts. This writing is my self touch for myself which I do value a lot. Nowadays I accept myself as it is. I am not critical of myself. I am kind to myself. I feel so much better for understanding myself and connecting with every part of it.

Books, phone, Netflix and social media are invariably there all the time to improve your connectivity with the world. I can spend too much time on What’s app, Instagram and Facebook without any guilt watching reels and videos. I know it is wasteful but it is ok for a few minutes. It keeps me connected to my family and friends worldwide. I love to read books, it transform my usual state of living into the different scenario which I experience every time I read something new. I love to fully imagine the stories. My dream is to write a book which should get the reader thinking and valuing the world in a different way.

Think about the connections you have, cherish and build on them. No need to be guilty if you do one more than others. It is a different world now and connectivity has changed. What ever works for you and keeps you happy, needs to be pursued. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your connections.

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