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My Job

Commitment makes me go each day,

Love my job in every way.

Never realised how the years go by

And that time did really fly

So the hairs are grey
Knees hurt in a way
Hearing is getting worse
My man is waiting everyday.
Time to retire now
The party was a wow
So many gifts come my way
And I have goodbye to say.



Alone at home at daytime,never do it unless absolutely necessary.
Getting bored ,watching television , in and out of sleep.
Such is the silence that it really penetrates the being.
Pierces the senses with its nothingness.
My every hair seems to be looking out for a noise but the silence takes over each bit of it.
It is not being deaf . It feels like it.
Is this peaceful or is this forced circumstance.
Silence is not peace I realised.




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