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About Me

Beautiful English Countryside

So, my new found love is writing. Loving the experience. It is reflective of the daily life that I live . Want to share the experience to see what I can learn from others and if my reflections make sense to others.

A lot of the time we all feel and share similar experiences but when somebody relates it to you, we feel more comfortable that we all think the same and its quite normal to feel the way I did.

I live in England and have done so for the past few years. I am originally from India.I am married and have two big children. Love my family.

I am a full time doctor and absolutely love my job. I have a busy life but still have to cope with all the stressors that the day throws at me.

I feel its quite normal to have ups and downs in life. We need to keep happy and normal in our daily lives.

Hope you all like my writing and keep giving me feedback.

Dr. Rishika Sinha

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