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What part of your routine do you always try to skip if you can?

Holiday throws all routine out of reach. Even when it is a few days away from usual, the whole day seems upside down. Of course it is wonderful to be away from routine.

The one best thing on holiday I like the most is that there is no time keeping. My alarms for week days is put off. I wake up whatever time I like. Even if I have to book a show or something I book it late in the day so my mornings at my own pace.

My Tuscany holiday is absolutely fabulous. Got to see quaint little towns of the medieval ages, very well preserved and which makes the mind think and think how did they make such amazing buildings up in the hills.

My mind has been raging with ideas of writing stories, I guess that’s what these mythical figurines all over Florence can do. Wings on every creature is what I have seen. So in the fifteenth century that must have taken the fancy of the artists. I am fascinated by every nook and corner of Florence and it’s surroundings.

A few more days are left of my holidays before we head back to U.K. and back to work. Routine will start and I will have to put my alarms back on. Let me enjoy a few more mornings without the groaning of the phone. Happiness and love to all.

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