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Where does satisfaction stop? If there is no end to satisfaction then there is no end to unhappiness.

Too much of anything is bad for you‘, this was a favourite line quoted by my grandmother in Sanskrit. I have been brought by these principles by my family and I still try to abide by these. Don’t waste. Don’t overdo. Don’t fill yourself too much.

Abundance was encouraged only in few areas. Love, kindness, giving, hard work, punctuality, these were some of the things that were encouraged. These are inherent qualities that can be developed in our own beings. There is no material attached to these. It was ok to do enough of these, even a lot of these was fine. It does sound right to me and has always worked for me.

Once money or material is added to expectations then satisfaction is necessary to factor in. Otherwise it gets out of hand. Do you really need it and why? Worth questioning from time to time. I learnt a word today hubris, could it be because of that we are making decisions. Sometimes it can be stifling to curtail desires and one is in a dilemma, in which case best is to mull over your wants instead of taking quick actions.

Ultimately one must understand that satisfaction leads to happiness. Aim is happiness. How we get there is the journey we need to decide and check. Have a great weekend. Love you all.

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