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A wait game.


I kept waiting for an email all day today. By three in the afternoon, I could feel a headache and neck spasm coming on, along the right side. I now understand this type of headache , it comes mostly when I am stressed. I took myself away from my desk, made a cup of tea and gave a good massage to my neck with my thumb. A self talk about stress and how foolish it was to feel helpless awaiting an email, alongside the massage, took away the headache and neck spasm within half an hour.

Surprising how self advice, massage and taking a break relieved me of all the unnecessary stress that I had created for myself. The agitation was completely nonsensical. There was absolutely no need. But sometimes it cannot be helped. A physical symptom if understood can be good to work upon. It soon disappears.

Self love in the form of massage is always good. These days,I get my legs in butterfly position with the foot touching each other, then I massage my inner feet. The whole days tiredness seems to come out with that massage. These little tricks do help a lot in my day to day life.

Have you all got any tricks of self love that you practice? It would be great if you can share them and spread the happiness.

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