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A well.


I visited a farm house today which was amazing. It is a dream house by my standards. It has 30 acres of land surrounding it. There were stables and with it were horses that were grazing in the paddocks freely. A stream at the bottom of the hill with lush green trees was seen all around. The smell of rain on hay was everywhere. Life cannot get better than this.

As I entered the garden I saw a well on the left side. I could not believe that people still had wells. I went on to have a peep, it had water in the depth but covered with wire frame, rightly so. The pulley with bucket was there with the little roof over it. Felt as if time stood still in front of me.

Now I have come back home and sat with my laptop, it has brought back memories of the well I had in my house when I was a little girl. It used to sit at the top of our plot and had a pump house next to it. Every morning someone would switch on the pump. I still feel the switch in my fingers as it was large and tough one which needed some strength to put on or off.

The pump house would take water up to the tank at the top of the house which then would supply to the all the pipes. Some days if you were not vigilant the tank would overflow and the water would flow from a great height making a big noise which then created a tremor of rush to run for the switch, to be put off. This was a regular occurrence and still brings ripples of happiness in my head and heart.

Have a great weekend.

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