:-)Brings a smile.

photo of toddler smiling

Eighty-Five-year-old, always enthusiastic and texts immediately. I asked how he was doing since I hadn’t spoken to him for the past few weeks, as I was away. His reply was ๐Ÿ™‚ which instantly brought a smile to my face. A simple script was full of love and mischief. Trust him to pick up on stuff like this.

There are so many things around us that can bring a smile to our faces, simple and meaningful gestures, messages and emojis can be great. These days phones bring on memories in the photo section and those are wonderful to start the day. Facebook also does the same.

Let us see what else makes me get a further smile today. My patients even when they are in some pain always try to say positive things to keep the system going. A good start calls for a good day. Have a happy cheerful Friday everyone.

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