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Hay Fever is at its peak on some days. I went for a walk on two consecutive lunch times and completely forgot that pollens could affect me. I have had a mild bit of cold symptoms as well. The two together seems to have made my upper airways fully blocked.

With a long weekend at hand I simply had to stay indoors and keep taking my antihistamines. Past two days I have felt breathless after very small chores around the house. At one point I thought I was getting lazy but the fact was that I could not do much at all. It surely made me understand how breathlessness can feel.

Antihistamines and steroid spray can be bought off the shelf and helps clear up the airways. Local honey helps and I have asked a friend to source me some. A good shower of rain may also clear up the pollens from the air.

Heavy head and bunged up nose is no fun. Smell and taste both get affected. I would like to get back to my normal, happy energetic self but sometimes illnesses will take their time. I need to keep happy and keep popping the pills.

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  1. We’re expected to have a super bad allergy year due to all the rain (So Cal). It’s already hit a few neighbors but, so far, not me.

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