News everyday!!

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Do you listen to the news everyday?

Some evenings I listen to the news on few different channels.

Which one is the best?

Channel 4 seems the best to me. It is mostly factual and not filtered.

When I was a child we were encouraged to listen to the news every night. Due to that I feel my habit of listening everyday has been enjoyable and very informative.

These days good and uplifting news needs to be hunted for. It is mostly war and killing.

Murder is a common one.

Political news is worth the listen though these days they seem to be quite corrupt.

Whatever it be I still have to listen to the news once a day. It leaves an empty feel if not seen or listened.

Have a great Easter Weekend everyone. Lots of happiness to all.

8 thoughts on “News everyday!!

  1. I’m in/out with the news but also prefer “channel 4”. Ch2 is too political. Ch7 is too light. Ch4 is just right. Or was… with staffing changes and so much bad news, I find myself seeking lighter broadcasts.

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