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Post covid we have indulged often in going out for coffee. There are some lovely cafes nearby where we can go for a hot or cold drink.

Today after lunch before settling back into our routines, we decided to go out and sit somewhere cosy for a cup of coffee. Our son also came with us. Over a cuppa we were able to discuss so many things. Sometimes away from home topics waver from doctors to freedom.

Coffee brought the concept of freedom that we enjoy, what do we enjoy in life apart from work. There are a lot of people who literally can do very little if it is not work. I am not sure if that is healthy. People sometimes won’t retire simply because they don’t know what to do with life. I am still to understand this one. May be another trip to the coffee shop will make this one more clear.

In the mean time, keep enjoying your coffees with family and friends and be happy.

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