Life is a dream!

Great Ayton Village

We were feeling sluggish yesterday afternoon so decided to go for coffee in a nearby village, Great Ayton. In fact we go there often for walks. There is a coffee/ ice cream shop called Suggits. Inevitably there are long queues outside so out of our reach. We always walk past.

But we went in last evening as there were no queues. It is one of the cutest shop of all times. Hundred years old. We ordered Coffee and Bakewell tart. The shop is famous for ice cream so I went to check out what flavours. This lady in chequered apron explained that they only sell vanilla flavour and it is home made. Definitely ordered a scoop and it was delicious and light. It was getting to 5 pm and we were the only ones to be there before it closed. Loved the place as it very neatly stands at the time where it started. Evolution has not touched it.


It said Life is a dream on the vehicle above. Watching the man filling his water, he seemed very happy. I went over to have a natter. He was going to stay the night and was meeting someone over the weekend. It did feel like a dream to be going round in a camper van all over U.K. or even further away. May be there will come a time for us too.

Captain Cook, yes the one who discovered Australia used to study in this village and there is also a museum. It is a tourist spot. The river and waterfall make it picturesque to walk around. Lots of little coffee shops and eateries are there. Little children feed the ducks. Daffodils are coming out all over. It simply put, is a dream place for simple beings who are looking for happiness. Have a great weekend.

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