It was sunset time without the sun,

There were clouds covering the sky,

There was no wind and temperatures were warm,

The Sea showed all its tricks to catch the eye.

Waves were huge in the deep sea,

They curled and whirled to rise high,

And growled upheavals,

Lashed around in every direction,

Hitting boulders, steps and each other

To create the white chaotic caution.

People were watching the havoc

There was no danger to anyone,

Some running for fitness, some walking,

I for one needed to feel the power

So I climbed over the railing and felt the sea through my bones.

Lemon top to vanilla ice creams,

Bikes along the promenade,

Backpacks on a lot of jackets,

Hands held together while gazing,

Some wheelchairs amongst others,

Generations will watch the roughness, forever and ever.

Birds all around , flying and sitting.

Seagulls escaping the incoming waves

The sand making footprints

Soon to be washed, leaving a smooth terrain

Vastness of eternal nature , always to remain.

We walked and walked

getting soaked in the salty mist,

Every breath felt strong and deep

Darkness beginning to creep,

The sea continued to roar with no bounds

But for mortals like me,

Time alas, to head home in calmer surrounds.

Written after a beautiful walk on Redcar Beach with my husband at 4 pm on Sunday 05-03-2023.

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