Village Square

Coffee Shop

On Saturday morning, I went to the gym to do a circuit training session, as I was going in, a friend sat in the lobby area and asked me if I had booked a Body Pump session. I answered no because I had never done one and was unsure if I could endure it. She pursued me to book it which was forty minutes after my circuit training.

I finished my half-hour session and then had spare time so I decided to go and eat something from the supermarket in the village square. My plan was only the one training session and then go back home and have breakfast. I definitely did not want to go into another tough class with an empty stomach.

As I was walking across, I came near this coffee shop. Why not? I went in thinking I will have a coffee. The place is beautiful and at nine in the morning was not too busy. I sat down at a table and waited for the waitress to come along with the menu.

She came from the kitchen bearing scrambled eggs for another customer. That looked tempting. When she came over I asked for the same with a flat white.

Sitting alone in a pretty place all by myself somehow felt very peaceful. I felt good about self-love and looking after myself. It can be lonely but sometimes can be quite wholesome. Hope everyone had a good weekend, ready for Monday. Have a great week and be happy.

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