I do love to go to the gym. With Covid everything had stopped but now we are back in like normal times, it feels energising. My husband was not keen to go back but after much persuasion he has joined too and is enjoying it.

My favourite is to do classes. On Saturday I did circuit training which was hard enough but I felt like doing more. I was by myself so I booked a spinning session which was going to start in fifteen minutes, ample time to catch my breath and get prepared for the cycling. I had never done this before.

Anything new means apprehension. Once I was in the studio and adjusted the bike, I felt comfortable. Off we started with the virtual trip. It was thrilling to stand up and bike along. The sitting in between was much needed. After three days my thighs are still sore. I am preparing to go back to one of these very soon.

Small things which seem at hand but still never given it a go, can be quite an experience. If there is anything around you that have not done, go for it within reasonable adjustments and see how much happiness it will bring. Enjoy and be happy.

4 thoughts on “Gym

  1. I have a weird love/hate with battleropes. I haven’t done them in years but some gym commercial is making me miss them!

    Congrats on the spin class! I’ve heard that even the ‘eaay’ ones are intense.

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