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The Start____.

English Winter Morning.

I have a choice to make today. I am thinking there are two ways to look at the thirty-first of December and hence what should be the appropriate heading. It can be the end of the year or the start of the next year. It has to be your own thinking.

The end is the end and to be honest, nothing really ends. It is negative. Always think positively is my motto. Look ahead. Move on. That is why today makes me ever so excited, looking forward to another year and new beginnings. I make it a point to start something new. I am starting a new journal book from tomorrow which was given to me by a friend. The idea of writing in a new book is exciting. The thought definitely fills me with thrill and I can’t wait to put it into action.

What are you starting tomorrow? Have you already made up your mind? If not, there is still time to gather your sense and sensibility to get going on New Years Day. Exercise, habits, cooking, writing, cleaning, what is it for you? Come on share it with me and others and spread your happiness. Make new beginnings and be happy. Have a great day full of new thoughts to start tomorrow. Love to all.

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