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A piece of cake!!


I used to bake when kids were small but now, I do minimal baking. My children make most of the cakes and biscuits these days especially our daughter. I always love the finished product and the way it looks. Now both are at university, and I am going down to meet them I will take a homemade dessert for them tomorrow. Now that’s given me a sense of direction for tomorrow and I am loving the idea.

It is easy enough to bake a cake I think because the recipes are so easily available. Honestly speaking I don’t like low calorie things. I feel, I might as well eat the best because I don’t often do so. My most favourite one is coffee and walnut. My daughter makes the best of those. I do enjoy cupcakes as well. Hard to overeat them.

I can feel my excitement rising, need to start the baking. Might do a marble cake, husband likes vanilla flavour and children like chocolate, so a combination might work.

What are your plans for the weekend? I do have to put up my Christmas decorations as well. My weekend looks jam packed. Enjoy everyone and be happy.

This is what I made. It was enjoyed by all.
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