A piece of cake!!

happiness is a piece of cake close up photography

I used to bake when kids were small but now, I do minimal baking. My children make most of the cakes and biscuits these days especially our daughter. I always love the finished product and the way it looks. Now both are at university, and I am going down to meet them I will take a homemade dessert for them tomorrow. Now that’s given me a sense of direction for tomorrow and I am loving the idea.

It is easy enough to bake a cake I think because the recipes are so easily available. Honestly speaking I don’t like low calorie things. I feel, I might as well eat the best because I don’t often do so. My most favourite one is coffee and walnut. My daughter makes the best of those. I do enjoy cupcakes as well. Hard to overeat them.

I can feel my excitement rising, need to start the baking. Might do a marble cake, husband likes vanilla flavour and children like chocolate, so a combination might work.

What are your plans for the weekend? I do have to put up my Christmas decorations as well. My weekend looks jam packed. Enjoy everyone and be happy.

This is what I made. It was enjoyed by all.

18 thoughts on “A piece of cake!!

  1. I attended a port wine tasting that was amazing (but I can’t afford $80 for a bottle of wine). Today was supposed to be chores and school project but ended up being sleep & more sleep. I hope that means I’m awake on Sun but I’m not counting on it.

  2. Oh… and I watched The Great American Bake Show Holiday, which is all celebs with little to no baking experience. I enjoyed it!! I miss baking. If you do some, please post the results!!

  3. Soooo magical!! I saw port as an offering at brewpub several years ago and decided to trt it. My gawd… how did I not know about it before?!?

    Do you like red, tawny, or white? I’m a 20yr tawny fan but happy with all varieties!!

  4. Ah, yes… a person with taste!!
    I enjoy sweet wines and sparkles but tawny port has a beautiful balance!!

    I also think tawnys smell like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at D-Land (the earthy smell), which is a bonus.

  5. Trader Joes carries a $5 bottle of tawny that’s okay. I can easily drink a bottle of wine in a night so I don’t tend to buy the good stuff… thus why I go to tastings!

  6. Thanks – I’ll look for it!

    At a prev tasting, we sampled a $280/bottle limited vintage. It must have been ruby because I recall thinking the younger/cheaper vintage tawny ports were better.

  7. They recommended Grahams at the tasting. But the super populars were vintage ports Quinta de Vesuvio ($100/bottle) and Quinta do Noval ($95/bottle).

    People around me also recommended Mumm’s Napa RED sparkling. I can’t find it online.

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