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Time and again I hear people say “I am lonely .”

My friends mum was here but now she has gone back, inevitably she feels lonely.

Our children came over for Diwali but now both are back to their universities. My house feels empty and lonely.

Pets, when not around make us feel completely lost.

Loss of a dear one or partner will leave us very lonely. I see patients all the time who go through this pain.

Loneliness is tough. How do people cope with it? Having a routine helps. Everyone can’t have a job to return to. One may even be retired.

What I have learnt from my patients is that they always looks forward and move ahead towards something positive. Holiday, birth of grandchild, church, exercise have been saviours.

If anyone has strategies to help from lamenting and being lonely, please do share so we can all be happy.

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