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Irregular writing!!

Past three months I have not been able to concentrate on my writing. Once exams in my household was over, it seemed as if all reigns had been let loose. My son’s exams finished, and we all got back our freedom. All of summer up until now every weekend has been busy. My daughter also finished her masters and came home for a bit. I have loved every minute of the time with all of them at home.

Now it has all gone quiet, both children gone to university. Of course, I miss them, but I am so happy sitting with my laptop today. Once I start writing I get lost in my own world, in my own space. I have a half-finished short story that is the first thing I need to complete. I don’t like giving myself targets because I will get frustrated if I can’t do it. It will happen when it happens is my philosophy of life these days. Irregular writing will not be happening anymore. Writing regularly gives me happiness and I will try my best to do so.

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