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Hair care


Do we need a hair care routine?

The social media with its influencers have lots of different ways of looking after your hair.

I have hair thinning which I put it down to hormones, but I am not sure.

When I was a child, my aunty would oil my hair with coconut oil on Saturday evening and on Sunday morning I would wash my hair with any shampoo available in the bathroom. This routine became less and less as I became independent and had lot more important things to do like job, kids, family and the usual. To some extent I blame stress for hair loss.

Yesterday a colleague of mine I noticed had shaved his head. I asked why. He had simply done it for ease’s sake. Another colleague said in Nigeria it is a sign of prosperity. We made jokes about it.

I have never coloured my hair or bleached it. It is black with a lot of grey coming through which I don’t mind.

Hair is a very superficial way of judging people. I have made myself unlearn a lot of bias and prejudice that I grew up with. Unconditional love of all living things is important for happiness, and I keep striving for it.

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