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Spectacular Day


Our Queen died and the mourning period has been emotional. Alongside the Queen, I remembered my loved ones who are not with me anymore. It brought back covid times and the losses we have had. Her lines “We will meet again” becomes immortal.

The adjectives used for her majesty were beautiful, wise, strong, dutiful, faithful and so many more. Her radiant smile did make the television screens and billboards look bright and eye catching. Sombre and poignant were common words on social media and truly so.

At first it felt the funeral should be a private affair but going through the grieving process publicly made death a reality. I feel more at peace with myself to see the whole process over the last few days. Her children going through it so bravely gave confidence to the public to endure the queues. The queen was a mother, grandmother and grant grandmother for her family members. Each one of the royals had a personal loss with her passing and they had to put up a smile and brave face for the public. It must have been very difficult.

The day of the funeral was spectacular. Great arrangements. Everything meticulously planned and prosecuted. A historic day indeed. Grand end to an era and we are ready to move on.

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