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Yoga Challenge


Thirty minutes of Yoga for thirty days of June was the challenge I took up. This was set up by Cancer Research UK (CRUK). There was fund raising goals. I had never done a challenge before. It certainly felt exciting. Too many first is always thrilling, having a fundraising page and keep sharing it along with the yoga practice everyday.

Via Facebook CRUK organised all participants doing yoga in one separate group to exchange ideas how we could do it. I, for one, knew You Tube had videos on yoga but was not sure how to or where to, begin. I had never done it consistently, a class here and there at the gym or sun salutations off and on was my remit.

The group had lots of people like me who had no idea where to start alongside proper yoga pros who were even teaching it. For the first time I heard about Yoga With Adrienne which is helpful for doing it on your own. Island Yoga UK was one among many who volunteered to teach at different times completely free. Jamie and Davinia , husband and wife team, put up classes of differing levels at differing times. Beginner sessions at 6 am worked perfectly for me.

Davinia started doing classes every weekday at Six o’clock. I started waking up at 5.45 am, a bit of an issue initially but soon became a routine with no bother. She started from sixteenth of May and has been doing it even now. They both have decided to continue doing the lessons through July and August. Thankyou so much for their support on getting us through this journey of mind, body and breath.

The other part of the challenge was fund raising. My target was £150. Even that seemed difficult to me. I started it with £20. The next one came from my friend in USA £50, suddenly I was half way and felt completely reassured. I posted the link in work groups and some friend groups. So many people donated. We got up to over £800. My delight was immense. People have been extremely generous. They themselves said ‘All for a good cause’. There was no stopping the donations coming through.

I am really proud and happy with my achievement. Sometimes it is ok to put yourself out there to try new things, most of the times something will work out. The motivation, the intention and the happiness all worked harmoniously

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