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‘Time to stand’, beeps on my watch as I am taking a serious focussed history from a patient. Now how do I get my minute of standing? I quickly make the examination part brought forward in order to get the stand hour complete. I sometimes tell my patient, I really must get up otherwise this hours ring, may not go forwards. We both smile if they get what I am talking about, and if they don’t understand, well then, they get good lifestyle education for another five minutes.

I am thoroughly enjoying my borrowed iWatch. My son had exams and he was not using the watch anymore. I jumped on the idea of trying it out in the meantime. The past six weeks it has kept me motivated to get my rings completed everyday. My neighbour laughed at my target of 500 kcals. His is at 900 kcals. I am older and a female in her fifties, was my excuse. It can be tough to get to the target everyday but it sure gets me to fulfil them. Accomplished is what I feel I at the end of the day. A little outdoor walk at 10.45 pm was required one day.

The point is I have been active and crossing my limits. I am hoping this will become a habit and I won’t have to use the watch all the time. One of my friends is of the opinion that it is not good to be reliant on technology but what is the harm if it helps me. I know being active helps my weight, avoids getting high blood pressure and diabetes, and many more benefits. I think huffing and puffing with sweat dripping also helps to get over menopause much better. I make sure the rings on the watch do not make me anxious, I will probably be okay when I don’t achieve it but at the moment I am enjoying my achievements everyday. Keep active and be happy is the mantra these days.

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