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Royal Ascot

Saree and Fascinator.

A day at the Royal Ascot was exceptional. Best English weather, best attire, great food and drinks, in the company of friends, what more can you ask for.

Planning started eleven months ago. We were not sure if we could go in sarees but then organiser found out that it was allowed. 1200 women went in sarees with fascinator. We truly made history. I had never put on a fascinator before, in fact did not know exactly where to get it from and what style would suit me.

Seven races in one day. Horse racing was completely new, tried to understand it, to not much use. Still wanted to bet and tried my luck on the first name on the board. Low and behold the horse won, I had put £5 and I won £170. It got even more exciting. Of course, I lost the next £10.

If one has any inkling to go to the Royal Ascot races then you must go. It is one of the best and happiest memories for me.

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