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I do crave for mangoes when I see the boxes from India. In UK we can find them in few places during summer time. My daughter brought back a box from Leicester. I ate one mango, which completely transported me back to Patna.

Malda is the variety of mango we get in Patna. Big cartons of these would come from the village orchards. Freshly plucked from the trees, fully grown but not ripened. They needed to be put on the floor in a single layer over some hay and covered with jute sheets. They would then start to ripen naturally, in batches and everyday a few could be picked out of the lot. The whole house would have a sweet lingering smell of mangoes.

They would be kept in ice cold water for about half an hour before eating. You can cut it or even peel the skin with hands and start eating the pulp. It feels like silk in the mouth, melting away. The sweetness and and taste is one of its kind. Once you have eaten these mangoes, you will want them in every season. They are absolutely the best.

Yesterday I could not stop at one and I went for a second immediately after. I have a few more in the fridge which no doubt will finish today. Have a great Sunday everyone.

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