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Decision time.


Once the children are grown up, looking for a holiday that everyone may like, alongside keeping to a budget, can become a great past time. I love looking up holidays and discussing with my husband and kids. Not a single destination appeals to one and all. We have done some great escapes in spite of the differing opinions.

One thing we have never done is a cruise holiday. I would love it and I can feel others warming up to it too. Have any of you had a great trip on these huge ships? How was your experience? Has any one done a cruise around the Caribbean and may be the Panama Canal – I think I might fancy that? Please suggest from your experiences. Thank you.

When the children were small, we did the Centre Parks as we could carry all essentials with babies in the car. We loved it all. After that came the stage of all inclusive Canary Island holidays at absolutely great prices. Completely hassle free, these came with food and entertainment. We truly have enjoyed these. We had to remember that once in a year or two years we also had an India trip to be done for sure to see family. After these convenient holidays, we are now at the stage exploring cities and towns with a lot more adventure. No more family rooms that we can get in hotels, so trying out Airbnb in different locations has been fun.

One thing we used to do as a young couple was the back pack bus rides in and out of Delhi as soon as we got a few thousand rupees in our bank account. Put a few clothes in the bags and out we would go to the bus depo and catch the bus to which ever destinations that we could afford money and time wise. Those carefree holidays took us to places like Dehradun, Mussoorie, Agra, Mathura and many more.

But now my crucial time is here where I am in desperate need to find a holiday for this summer. I know I have left it late but with Covid I was not sure whether to book or not, but feeling confident in booking one now. May be a trip to the travel agents might help. That is my happy weekend planned now. Have a lovely weekend. Be happy and make plans for the summer.

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