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High temperatures, headaches, stomach cramps and diarrhoea are symptoms I hear quite often from patients and I am able to advise as per their needs. This week, however, I got these symptoms myself. I am blaming my India trip and the fish I ate in Mumbai. These symptoms completely threw me and I was in bed for two days, after that I have felt tired and dizzy. I very rarely take time off work but this week on Monday and Tuesday I simply could not work and needed to isolate. After that I worked from home for the last part of the week.

It made me feel vulnerable as to how quickly I was bedridden and delirious. I feel better now and will be going back to work next week. We had a short but great time in India. Met friends and family while attending a wedding. It was great to see people especially after this long pandemic. Now, I am better, I can say never mind the diarrhoea but it did kill all the fun from the holiday for a few days. Take care and be happy everyone.

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