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Enthusiasm for hometown.


It has been six months since I saw my mother and I could feel in conversations that she would like me to come again. I was looking at holidays and ticket prices to go for a short trip. UK to India needs some planning. Holidays would coincide with other colleagues and ticket prices were too high. I told my mother that it does not seem realistic to spend a huge amount of money for one week. She said it would do me good so I should come. My son asked me, what is more important money or mother? I pretty much got my answer and decided to go for a week in which my husband had taken a week off anyway. It meant a bit of a stressful week for my partners at work but they agreed.

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A wedding of a friend’s son has now been announced for April in the week I am to go, in our hometown Patna. In India arrange marriages happen quite often and parents prefer to do the wedding as soon as possible. All arrangements quickly fall in place. This is what is now happening with my dear friends son. Good for me and my friends. My school St. Joseph’s Convent has a closed knit friendship and we love and long for each others companies. We all have deep rooted connection with Patna and what better reason to visit.

Fifty girls have said they are coming for the wedding. I cannot be more happy and feel more lucky to think I can meet them all again. This enthusiasm to reach homeland for all of us is incredible. The group is buzzing with preparations of the days we will be meeting up and all the wedding festivities that go along side. A lot of us have elderly parents in Patna and they have all now got a great reason to meet friends and family. This is what really calls for flying high in the sky. Three cheers to friends and Patna.

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