Going Down.

Sky as I came out of work.

I love this time of the day. After a tiring day and completely exhausted when I saw these colours in front of me, my mood was lifted back up again. There is something magical about the sun going down. It throws amazing colours around the whole sky. At this time I always feel I want to be out. I know that darkness is coming but then there is a definite and guarantee that sun will rise again.

As the days are getting longer, I have been able to go for a walk, past few days, at this time. My children also love going out at this time. The River Tees is not far from us and we can reach it in less than five minutes. The sites and bird songs along side the river are full of happiness.

Yesterday evening my son told me to stand near the fence along the river to listen to all the sounds. We both stood for a few minutes. The calmness, colours and chorus absolutely filled my senses with all kinds of emotions. Thoroughly enjoyed our forty five minutes which was only supposed to be a twenty minute walk. Mesmerised and full of energy we returned for our fish and green beans dinner.

Life can’t get better than this. Loved my evening filled with nature and happiness.

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