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This is something I am getting confused with.

She is brimming with confidence.

She is arrogant.

I definitely like people who are confident and I definitely dislike people who are arrogant.

In my experience when people cannot learn, that is when they are arrogant and they don’t realise their mistakes. People who are confident will understand others point of view and change accordingly. Confidence does not stop you from being receptive, one can still empathise. Arrogance stops one from changing.

Some days I don’t understand whether I am confident or arrogant. I am going to try hard to understand myself and make sure I don’t lean towards arrogance. This next week I am going to ask people to tell me what they think about me. Feel free to tell me your opinion and lets see my reaction.

To have happiness around yourselves, definitely we need to give up arrogance.

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