Do rules matter? Do principles matter?

They mean for me. When I see the next generation and their flexibility to different aspects of life, I wonder what they make of rules.

Law and legal is different. We all have to follow them and we should.

Understand myself better and really get to know myself, is not how I was brought up. Me being a girl, was always told I would have to live by family rules and what my husband and his family would like.

I think I was ahead of times and followed my instinct, always made sure not to harm anyone intentionally.

Ultimately, we need to be happy and try to find the right path for ourselves.

4 thoughts on “Dogma

  1. Yes, we ultimately won’t be happy if we are not doing something that interest us. I think versatility is important. When I was working I learned multiple skills to accent what area I studied which opened a lot of doors. I worked long hard hours and lived modestly. We retired early so we could enjoy ourselves while we were still relatively young. For me that dream was writing. I have to admire all the writers on WordPress and other social media that work a 50 to 60 an hour week and still make time to write. Have an amazing week. Big hugs 🤗

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