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Weigh up.

I had my writing group session last night. I was extremely tired for some reason and could not bring myself to attending it. I let our facilitator know about it.

At work too yesterday I was tired and some people even commented on it. I did leave as soon as my work was finished, and left some paper work which could be delayed. Unlike me I would say.

I did feel guilt about not going for my writing class, it is a commitment but I was in no shape to concentrate. I am glad I feel well today and to know that I have not come down with any illness.

Some days I think for the sake of balancing our lives and keeping the correct work life issues weighed up, we might have to deal with guilt. It is important for me to understand that I can be feeling unwell and it is alright to let go off things sometimes.

This kind of balance is crucial to keep our own minds and bodies healthy and happy.

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