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What is a big reason to get frustrated for you?

When I do something without full thought around it and then repercussions are to be dealt with, becomes really frustrating for me.

Recently when coming back from India my luggage for domestic flight was much less when compared to international fight allowance.

While shopping I didn’t realise the weight of certain things. On Patna airport I had to arrange my main luggage and hand luggage to accommodate the weight. I was sweating and people were watching. I mean surely that is frustrating.

I can laugh about it now but at the time I was getting all flustered and keeping calm was important. Letting it not ruin my journey and letting it not come in way of being happy had to be dealt with well.

Life does throw a lot of situations which can get out of control despite our best efforts. Help yourselves to not get so frustrated that it ruins your happiness.

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