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A Banyan tree

One week ago I returned from my homeland. I was born in Patna and lived in Patna for a lot of years. I practically lived on the same street till I came to UK.

I had an unusual feeling this time as I was walking on the same streets with my daughter. Each time I went around I felt I belonged there. I wanted to be there more and more. It felt so right to be there.

The River Ganges.

It was warm and humid, most of the days it remained cloudy with a mild breeze. Pleasant enough I would say. We walked a lot. We walked along the Ganges. There are walkways which were unusually clean.

Hand Painted Corridor.

Traffic seemed a bit better. People said as the schools had not opened fully so the traffic was better. Not sure why but it all seemed more controlled and as chaotic.

Clothes shopping in the same old shops through the same markets with the same shop keepers is a story in itself. These shopkeepers have been there for the past fifty years. They do inflate the prices as soon as they hear you have come to get gifts for friends. I cant bargain and I don’t really want to. Absolutely love to shop in my old areas.

Eating out is one of my favourite things to do when I am in Patna. Same old places and same old dishes which haven’t changed through the ages. Taste hasn’t changed one bit. Best paneer pakoras, dosas, chowmein. You name it and I ate it all.

Meeting my friends and relatives was amazing. School friends and medical school friends all seem so wonderful and happy to see each other. It makes the visit worthwhile. One of my aunty and uncle wanted to take me out for dinner but I told them I want to come and sit in the house with my legs curled up on the sofa and have tea with them. My uncle had prepared the best tea ever. He brought out his best crockery for the evening and arranged some great snacks to go with Darjeeling tea from his china pot.

The love and trust I get in Patna makes me want to go back. Who knows what is in the future. Live each day and be happy.

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