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Bath City


Staycation is the new word in our dictionary this summer. We decided to go to the south and reached Bristol. Today we did a day trip to Bath City.

Felt like the best city in the world. The architecture wherever you see is amazing. The circus and the crescent are so photographed and have become iconic that we definitely had to see them.

The Puteney Bridge, only three of its kind in the world. Shops on the bridge over River Avon looked picturesque and captured our attention straightaway.

The gardens and flowers everywhere looked pretty and fresh.

I had heard about Roman baths but you have to see to believe what it is. I still cannot understand how hot springs work and have been working thousands of years ago.

Archeological findings make tourism much more interesting. These stones from the Roman era two thousand years ago made me feel, how we all can get lost with time but then still be made alive in museums.

Technology made the scene complete and the whole arch way became alive again.

Any street you see, looks beautiful and every building takes you back in time.

The beauty and diversity which I have seen in English cities and country side is beyond words. Very happy after visiting this historical city today.

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