Extra work.

Today if I wanted I could have cleared my work quicker than usual but I decided to sit down and do some extra bit of work which I was going to keep for the weekend. I felt great after getting on with the work. It meant giving up my afternoon on a sunny day but the peace of mind was worth the effort.

I do love my work and sometimes wonder at the commitment that I have for my job. Most of my colleagues are the same. If there is one thing I have gathered after being a doctor, it is that one has to love the job otherwise it is not worth the effort. Half heartedness does not help. You need to be in it whole soul.

I would say it is probably the same for any profession. Full dedication then only you can enjoy it fully and be happy.

15 thoughts on “Extra work.

  1. Wow I am impressed as I don’t know how you manage blogging when you are a doctor. I know you could be any type of doctor but I am amazed at how professors have time to blog, write books and thrive. Good for you. Sending some serious respect. ❤️Joni

  2. Wow, well first thank you for working and doing what you do. I am impressed as it must make for an exhausting day and then busy evening. That is wonderful. Congratulations on having excellent time management skills. Nice to meet you here. 🤗

  3. My pleasure. ❤️ Seriously though thank you for what you have been doing. You are a courageous and hard working young women. ❤️Have an amazing evening. Joni

  4. We recently had a training that talked about employee apathy… saying yes to work but doing nothing. After just 7 months, that’s where I am. Quite odd after a lifetime over achieving! But also an interesting break. I’m hoping to be fired (even though I won’t qual foe unemployment) OR that me new boss provides enough buffer from the people who never ever EVER say “good job” to get me motivated again.

  5. Loving what you do makes it more fun and makes you successful at it. I watched a video about loving what you do a few days ago, it gased me up. I feel even better after reading this🙂

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