Still normal.

Celebrate life


When going out on walks these days, there are little lambs everywhere. They run around their moms, generally one or two. The numbers on them which farmers have written on them, it coordinates with their moms. They’re jumping around along the lush green fields. Some of them are not even able to stand up fully. It is the cutest thing and brings hope and joy.

We all need hope nowadays. We need to learn to celebrate whats is around us. We only think about death and the number of funeral pyres in Delhi. Of course, these are dire times but we need to come out of this.

Our very dear friend from medical school passed away yesterday. What are we supposed to do? Really only two things, either be sad or look at his life and celebrate every moment of his time with family, friends and patients. If Sanjay was around what would he have wanted us to do? Think about that.

We need to make the world a better place to live. Small steps that each of us does makes a lot of difference. Just being kind to each other is also probably a lot. Even a short walk with a friend may be all that she needs to rejuvenate a bit. Even if you have had differences in the past, forget it now. Now is not the time for petty things. Get over it and think big.

Think about one nice thing around you. It will bring happiness to you.

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