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There is a tomorrow.


Fukushima Tsunami happened on this day in 2011. A lot of people lost their lives in minutes. Families were torn and suffered severe losses which cannot be healed. The victims from that day who are alive after losing somebody will say – live for today. Of course, that is how it should be.

It makes me sad to think that there is no tomorrow. It makes me afraid of the future. I do like to think about tomorrow and the future but it could all go within seconds. We need to find a balance of today versus tomorrow. Without tomorrow the world will be over. We want tomorrow. We should long for tomorrow.

The sun always comes out. Can you see the sun forcing its rays through the clouds over the river and fields? We have to believe that it will all be alright. Look at nature and find your own meaning within your surroundings. Even if the heart trembles in your chest, it will settle down very soon. Smile to yourself and that will bring peace and happiness.

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