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Tipping Point



The planet is at a tipping point, what are we doing about it. Many more things are just about balancing and may fall over anytime.

The first thing is to believe that our Earth is at its perils of losing a lot if we do not act. I recently read about the bleaching of corals. The warmth and acidification of water kill the algae and then the corals lose their colour. The whole biodiversity is affected. For a common person lie me these are difficult things to understand but if scientists are telling us what to do then I feel we need to follow advice to help these damages from happening. We are making changes. I always carry a shopping bag nowadays so I don’t have to buy another plastic bag for 10p. A water bottle, coffee mug are things now embedded in daily life. I have loved making these small changes.

COVID has changed life. A lot of people are struggling with mental health, almost at a tipping point I feel. The lockdown is not helping. Life has become too restricted leaving people vulnerable to breakdowns and emotional upheavals.

All the acceleration that happened since World War Two has somehow come to a halt. Things like air travel and tourism are stopped for the time being. Somedays I prefer it like that but then when I can’t go to India then I want to break all barriers to reach Patna. Of course, I know it will not happen as yet. Keeping balance is very important.

Kids at home all the time. Worrying about there education and wellbeing sometimes can feel overwhelming. They are managing but as a parent, we have seen better so it is hard to accept this. I am sure the children will be okay because they are resilient in most cases.

Keep calm and carry on is a great mantra. Be happy.


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