Still normal.

Sombre times

Spot the cat.

If I fill the seeds in the bird feeder, birds will come. The cat sitting on the look out is a big danger to the little chirpy friends I have in my garden. The cat is not ours. Now I am in a fix.

1041 is the number of deaths today in U.K. These figures make the whole country think about the sombre times we are in. I cannot believe so many people are dying each day. The heavy heart of past 10 months are still continuing. There is no let off.

The vaccine is here. A huge ray of hope. Hopefully this will bring the virus down. As soon as people around me talk about negatives and petty matters, I cannot imagine how selfish we all can become. I have no time for such matters anymore.

My learning at the moment is keep away from negativity. Try to think about the positive from the day. It brings a sense of achievement even at such loosing times. Fight for the happiness that we deserve.

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