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    Covid 19 pandemic has changed our lives. It has changed the world. The conversation on radio today was around high streets and cities. It made me think. These will change for sure. For once it may actually become more vibrant and a more sociable place rather than only based around job and economy. It may become a happy place where people gather around to meet up and have a laugh or a bite to eat together. There may not be any need to make so many offce buildings. Remember those old style Islamic Bazaars.

    My work will be different, even more once the pandemic is over. Yes of course, the pandemic will be over. I had written this poem in October 2019 but it makes more sense now. It explains my sense and sensibilities better now. Things do seem to be in a complete turmoil and I so hope we can get back to some kind of definitive pattern and adjust around the changes. Hope we can all live happily and peacefully again without any fear.



  • Mind over matters, matters over routine .
  • Head misses a beat, heart turns over.
  • Stomach churns, wave of sickness floods.
  • Flutter in the chest, butterfly in the belly.
  • Head will burst, swims across the room.
  • Stop this turmoil, somebody help.


  • Am I burntout, is it overwork?
  • Depressed, anxiety, stress, I hear all day.
  • How can I calm down?
  • My nerves create havoc.
  • My brain does not stop.
  • Stop this turmoil, somebody help.


  • I need to sit down. Think again.
  • Is this what I want?
  • Have I got the capability?
  • I need to reassess.
  • What is my priority?
  • Stop the turmoil, somebody help.


  • I have me to think about. Bills are waiting.
  • Kids need care,family is my strength.
  • My self-value and the old-age pension.
  • So many things to consider.
  • God will surely understand.
  • Stop this turmoil, somebody help.








7 thoughts on “Turmoil

  1. This is so familiar to me. I have terrible anxiety issues and I go through this multiple times a day. Just know you aren’t alone, even when it feels like it.

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