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Think young – kidding.


Am I sure I rely on youngsters and their thinking? Forever trying to correct them and telling them the best way of doing things. Well, that is not what you can call relying upon.

I have a good job, I am earning money, I am successful enough and I can think like the young people. Really??

When I advise them I know the best for them, so I impose my opinion on hairstyle, clothes, education, friends, diet, exercise. Patronising I would say.

I have seen parents using all sorts of tactical language and actions to mould kids in their own ways, to the point of blackmailing kids with family values and emotions. Such parents lead children to live two different lives – one for home and one for friends. The final outcome is confused, for a while, till the kids can find solid grounding for themselves. Thankfully the smart younger generation will figure it out for themselves.

We need to believe in children and help them grow fully in their own way and find happiness to make life fulfilling for themselves.

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