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This liberation and freedom came at a real cost. Women gave up their lives. They gave up their families and children so I can enjoy my life now. Is that it though? If I look around me, is every woman happy? I hope they are not trapped in the same way it used to be before the suffragette movement. I still don’t believe that it took so many women to become militant and resort to violence to get heard. United Kingdom was not ready to recognise its women and give them the right to vote. Women over the age of 30 yrs got the right to vote in 1918 and finally, all women over the age of 21 yrs got the right to vote in 1928. So that is not even a hundred years ago.

Does every woman feel they can really leave a home where they are not happy or do they feel trapped? Do women even realise that they are trapped? Unhappiness is accepted happily. We know there is violence in houses but nobody wants to talk about it. When somebody is an adult and they are in sound mind, they have to do the talking themselves. Me and you cannot decide for somebody else. How can we empower our girls? Who is the real culprit?

Girls and women out there, please decide for yourself what are you doing. This is a life to be lived with full rights which are extremely precious. Help each other. Provide help if you see your sister, mother or friend unable to do anything themself. The world is in turmoil over discrimination and equality right now. We as women are not to be forgotten especially in the aftermath of the Corona virus. Domestic violence is going to be a huge problem during this pandemic. Please be alert for this.

A colourful life for all is surely better than a black and white version. Let us help and look out for women who might be in trouble and make their lives better. Let us all be happy together.

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